Hi, I am Dheerendra Srivastava a well-known and highly recommended teacher of Chemistry for IIT-JEE / NEET in Kota City, the coaching hub of India. I am Currently Working as Senior Faculty of Chemistry In Resonance Kota(RAJ).

I have graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Agra University with honors.

Dear Students/ Parents The Content in me is Created by my academic journey and management is developed by my life live experiences. Now I am at the next level of life..

But I have started my career as a faculty of chemistry in RESONANCE, KOTA. My unparalleled devotion, creative thinking, and simplified method of teaching made me a star. I remained the part and parcel of RESONANCE for 10 years between 2004 to 2014 as senior faculty and one of the finest faculty trainers. During this period, I was not only confined to Kota but also benefited the students of Indore    and Mumbai centers. I have also worked with BANSAL CLASSES KOTA for 3 years between(2014 to 2017). I have also worked with CAREER POINT KOTA for two years (2017 to 2019). Where I teach medical stream students also. In my teaching career, I have worked in different streams and departments of educational institutes and got the wisdom of teaching from my own experiences. With my teaching experience, I am coming up with some innovative ideas for personalized teaching in online mode. I have a strong belief that technology can change the future of education in our country.  This idea has motivated me to prepare a very good academic prescription for you. So that you can Achieve maximum marks and Top Ranks in Your Exams.


Dheerendra Srivastava(dssir)

Chemica Chemistry Classes

kota(Rajasthan) India

E-Mail: dssirchemistry@gmail.com

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