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Dear Student

This Membership is For One Year. It is Designed For Taking Complete Advantage of This Online School of Chemistry. Just Watch Content, Video Lectures, Notes, DPPs And Do Online Practice With Test Series. 

Package Contents

Chemistry Notes And Reading Content By DSSir
Dheerendra Srivastava
Test Series For Chemistry JEE-Main & Advanced
Dheerendra Srivastava(DSSir)
A Complete Course of organic Chemistry 11th and 12th
Dheerendra Srivastava(DSSir)
11 th Complete Physical Chemistry
Dheerendra Srivastava(DSSir)
12th Class Physical Chemistry Complete Course
Dheerendra Srivastava(DSSir)
Complete Course of Inorganic Chemistry 11th and 12th
Dheerendra Srivastava(DSSir)
Practice And Study Material Content Course(Download Pdf)
Dheerendra Srivastava(DSSir)

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